“A spellbinding tale of adventure, love, and self-discovery.”

The second installment of the captivating Herezoth Trilogy by Victoria Grefer...

Vane Unsten

The stakes soar higher as young sorcerer Vane Unsten returns to his homeland, Herezoth. Amidst political turmoil and the shadow of a secret society’s sinister machinations, Vane grapples with his newfound responsibilities as Duke of Ingleton.

Haunted by the legacy of his uncle, the tyrannical sorcerer Zalski Forzythe, Vane must navigate treacherous waters as he joins the king’s newly formed Magic Council. But when the royal family’s heirs are abducted by an enigmatic society of magicked ones, including powerful sorcerers, Vane finds himself thrust into a perilous quest to rescue them.

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As Vane delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding his family’s past and the true nature of magic, he discovers unexpected allies and faces relentless adversaries. Come along in this spellbinding tale of adventure, intrigue, and self-discovery as Vane forges unlikely friendships, confronts long-held fears, and grapples with the weight of his destiny. As he confronts the darkness threatening to engulf his world he discovers the true meaning of home—and magic!

Join Vane Unsten on his journey as he confronts the darkness threatening to engulf his world and discovers the true meaning of home—and magic!

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Victoria Grefer

About the Author

In addition to writing fantasy, Victoria loves language and linguistics, historical study, music, traveling, cats, and Cajun food.

A native of Southern Louisiana, she has always loved learning and asking questions—making connections between different fields of knowledge. She has a bachelor’s degrees in English and Spanish, a graduate degree in Spanish literature, and has studied theology at the graduate level. She currently works on the business side of the healthcare industry to support her writing habit. Madrid is her happy place.

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